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Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia, Canada

While visiting the land of our ancestors, we decided to end the day watching the sun set at Evangeline Beach - It is located in Grand-Pré overlooking the Bay of Fundy. What a spectacular view and what a fitting tribute after a day filled with so much warmth and emotional connectedness to our wonderful Acadian Ancestors. No wonder they loved this land and its waters that protected them for so long from invaders. I could not help but wonder how many times one of our ancestors had stood in this same exact spot watching the sun as it set in just this way day after day in the 75-100 years they lived in this part of Acadia!.. Also, I could not help but think of how British ships made their way up and down the Bay deporting our beloved ancestors from this land, most never to return. Once deported, the British gave all of their land to English settlers from Massachusetts that they wanted to populate this land with - the Planters - Consequently, there was no land in Grand-Pré nor Port-Royal left for them to return to. Thus more and more land would be settled elsewhere.

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