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Bernice D'Entremont, Lucie LeBlanc Consentino, Pauline D'Entremont

In October 2001, my traveling companion, Pauline Labbé and I met with members of the CMA 2004 committee in Yarmouth. Following a delectable lunch and photos, we followed Cyrille LeBlanc to where we visited some historical site at Butte de la Croix and Wedgeport.

We then followed Pauline D'Entremont to West Pubnico. We had a wonderful meal cooked by Pauline's husband. After dinner Bernice came over and drove us on a wonderful tour of the area. We then went to the Acadian Museum where Pauline showed me original and very old documents that Father Clarence D'Entremont willed to the museum before his death. What a treasure trove in this museum. It was interesting to get a glimpse of the great work being done here to preserve so many documents. The Acadian spirit is alive and well in West Pubnico!

It was an unforgettable day and we hope to return again soon.

© Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
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