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At the Centre for Acadian Studies

The first time I traveled to the Maritimes in search of my ancestral digs, I couldn't believe that I was really here at Moncton University's Centre d'Études Acadiennes/Center for Acadian Studies! I needed a picture for proof. I had heard so much about the Acadian Museum and the Acadian Genealogy Department that actually being here was a dream come true. It was truly a privilege to meet Stephen White, Genealogist at the university. Steve grew up in Massachusetts, graduated from law school and was practicing in Boston when asked to join the staff at Moncton University. Of course, he is a LeBlanc whose great grandfather changed the family surname to White when he moved his family to Massachusetts.

Now I visit Moncton every year since that first memorable visit. Each year more of our ancestral digs are discovered.

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